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Does your Magento store have problems? Is it slow? Got bugs? Need to install or create a module? Sells little? We can help you!



With 8 years of experience with the Magento platform and e-commerce, we are much more than Magento developers. We are experts in conversion, digital marketing and can help your store sell more. We have a certified and qualified team to solve problems or create solutions for your online store in a safe, agile and effective way. The best professionals with expertise in the field of digital marketing, e-commerce and we are official Google Partner.
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Continued Magento Support

Do you want monthly Magento support? Do you want to be able to count on our professionals to give support and special attention to your online store when you need it quickly and with priority? Do you want to receive tips and implementations that will help your Magento store sell much more? We can help you!

Stand-alone Magento Support

For you who do not want to commit to monthly fees and need timely assistance in your Magento store professionally, we can also assist you. Contact us, let us know what your demand is, our team will make a detailed analysis and provide a free quote.

Speed Optimization

Did you know that the speed of your Magento store has a direct impact on your conversion rate? Studies reveal that you can increase your store’s revenue by 1% for every 100ms of improvement in your store’s speed. We know that Magento being a robust platform, if poorly structured, can be slow and this is probably damaging your store. With specialized Magento professionals, we can optimize the speed of your online store and you can sell much more.

Creation and installation of modules

We know that custom solutions are often needed in your Magento store so that it continues to grow and you can sell more and more. With a specialized Magento team, we develop modules that will meet your real needs ensuring the best for you and your business. We can help you.

Conversion optimization

Does your Magento store have visits but doesn’t sell? High bounce rates? What is the best solution? Do you want to improve the user experience in your online store, let them browse freely to buy easily and intuitively, and then sell more? With Magento professionals specialized in conversion, we can optimize your store, customer experience, and conversion funnel to achieve the best results!


Do you have ideas and want to make changes to your Magento online store? Want to make improvements to the layout or even change it? Want to improve that module that already runs in your store, but requires adjustments? We at Magento Support can help you, let us know what they are and we will present the best solutions.

Errors and bugs correction

Does your Magento store have bugs, errors, and conflicts? We at Magento support, know-how harmful these problems can be to your store and the need for quick actions so that the problem can be solved safely and as quickly as possible. Tell us what is wrong with your Magento store and we can help you with specialized technical support.

Do you want to create your e-commerce?

We offer you the creation of a store on the Magento platform, one of the most used platforms in the world for e-commerce. Magento is a platform that has numerous tools to enhance and personalize your store in many ways and offers a wide range of information about what happens all the time in your store.

Google Ads

Beyond being a company with professionals specialized in Magento, we are official Google Partners, with professionals certified by Google itself to be able to create and manage effective campaigns for your Magento store to sell much more. Do you already have campaigns running, but don’t sell or sell little? Is the cost per conversion high? We can also help you!

Facebook Ads

When it comes to generating recognition, announcing promotions and special offers to your customers, social networks gain special prominence. In Brazil alone, Facebook and Instagram together have around 200 million active users every month and almost 3 billion worldwide, this generates the great potential for reach, so they are used not only to generate sales but also to maintain the customers informed of the news and also of your store’s highlights about the competition.

Email marketing

Did you know that today there are almost 3 billion email users in the world? In other words, there are more email users than Facebook users! That’s why E-mail Marketing is a great resource when it comes to letting your customers, or potential customers, know about your promotions, offers, newsletter or tracking a purchase made without polluting their inbox. E-mail Marketing is very effective in increasing the relevance of your brand among consumers.

Inbound marketing

With one of its pillars being content marketing, Inbound Marketing is a modern strategy and is here to stay. It is based on showing your brand to anyone who is looking for the type of product or service you offer and delighting the customer with content relevant to them, that is, it serves to filter your website visits to those who have the potential to convert. and show that in your store the user found what they were looking for, in contrast to ‘Outbound Marketing’, which is the tactic in which they try to offer products or services to the general public, in a non-targeted way.

Layouts creation

Developing a good layout is an essential factor in obtaining good results. Creating harmony between the elements of the page leads to pleasant navigation in your store and that can directly influence the user’s action. Since choosing the color of a specific button, the correct positioning of information and the best position of an image (among other factors), will be important in navigation, as a beautiful, intuitive and dynamic website makes the experience more pleasant.

How can we help you?

With specialized and certified professionals, we can help you face any problem with your Magento store in an agile way. Fill out the form below and let us know what your need is.